Our Mission

To Educate, Encourage,  and Empower our Aboriginal Communities, Youth and Businesses.


To educate is to help develop personal power and to qualify.
To encourage is to inspire, promote and advance.
To empower is to enable.

Our Mission is to educate our Aboriginal communities, youth and employees so they are inspired to realize their highest abilities, power and purpose.

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About Us

Educate, Encourage, Empower.  Not only is this Aboriginal Development Corporation’s motto, it is what we believe fosters personal and business development, as well as what creates long-term change and sustained growth.

Aboriginal Development provides personal and professional training to Aboriginal youth and employees across Canada in a class-room setting.  We offer 1  - 2 day training sessions locally or full-week training sessions nationally.

Professionally delivered training engages students who bring change & growth their workplace & communities.

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Curriculum and Courses

We have several options available to meet your training needs:

1.  A curriculum of courses related to a specific topic taught over a week or several weeks throughout a year.
2.  Individual 1 – 2 day courses.
3.  Customized curriculum.
4.  Pre-arranged training in need of a facilitator.

All courses and curriculum are customized to your business’ or community’s expectations, goals, and initiatives.  They are also customizable to different learning styles, levels of education and age.  Our facilitators are trained and experienced in all aspects of educating and implementation.

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